Physical disability

Time ago my one close friend got some physical injury and she got into very negative zone for some time..

I was wondering what if this is not going to be cured ..she felt like she dint deserve anything good..although her injury is cured till some extent but not completely

But is your worth limited to your physical appreacnce or physical ability or disability.

I also had the same feeling .i always thought what would i do i u have the same.

But the answer was same.i would have reacted in same way.

Then one day i was surfing youtube and came across many videos on youtube where people are physically disabled but they are doing too good in life..

So then i came to know that your physical appreacnce is nothing but your passion,your thoughts makes you what you are…but after that i forgot those videos and i was back into same zone as my friend..

one day i bumped into my childhood friend and i got to know her story ..

She had brain tumor due to which she lost her eye sight ..she had to leave her studies in between ..she sat home for 6 years doing nothing…

How worst would have it been…but this is what I was thinking…

Yes it was heart wrenching but the way she handled her life was very couregous.

She dint lose hope then she started her t again,she got govt job,she got married ,she is about to start her own family..still she has some struggles but she is handling it in very good and positive manner..

She is doing every damn thing which other persons do..she is fulfilling every dreams of her…

She is inspiration for many .I admire her a lot for her couregous attitude.

Both were having the same issue.. physical problem ..later one was having more trouble instaed of the former..

So seeing two different people of life my thought process changed.

There are always two sides of can always chose positive or negative.

It is not your physical appearance that makes you rather it is your thoughts and attitude which makes you.

Drop in your comments for sharing your views.


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