Housewives are underratted in india..

In my opinion housewives are underratted in india..though they are working all the time ..they don’t get any holiday but still everybody make them feel less appreciated…

She is not getting ample time for herself ..

From taking care of children to how much rashan is left in the kitchen, she looks into every damn thing in the family..but at the end housewives only listen one sentence…

“What do u do all the time”..

They sacrifice thier life for taking care of house, husband,in law’s ,children but in return they get nothing but always questions…

Why only women are supposed to cook and take care of children ,why men can’t do that??

Where is the equality then..

Women too have much potential to grow but in the name of housewife she is bombarded with responsibilities…

And till end everyone keeps asking..

What do you do all the time…

Biggest irony of our society..

Drop in your comments if you agree..or even disagree..let me know different opinion…

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