Stop being a victim of bullies

I was very confident girl in childhood but due to lack of good schools in my hometown i moved to a reputed university for further studies where i was supposed to stay in hostel.

I belong to a small place so my classmates started making fun of me,i had some language challenges also so i had to face problems….it started with my speaking problem and it kept going on .

They started making fun of my everything..start from dress sense to the way i look confidence became very low…i started seeing myself from others point of view self esteem went very low ..i was good at studies but because of this low self esteem i could not get good marks despite studying hard…

I always thought..i am good for nothing..i am a “lallu Panju” gal..

Everyone is better than me…i never thought good about myself..i started facing challanges in smallest things also..

Be it holding a needle or tie rubber band or shoe laces…i always thought i cant do..

I am a bloody loser..

This went on for years ..rather i actully completed my studies…i became frustated..i started getting more angry..

But then i got job and finally i got rid of my so called school n College friends…

I Never had guys as friends because i wasnt comfortable talking to bullies were girls only..

When i moved into job then it was compulsion to talk to guys as at workplace you are supposed to work as team ..

So i became friends with guys plus i was not having any baggage from school n College so somehow i got real friends..n i was not motivated but i was not demotivated either… & Yes i was a new person ..

As i got friends i started expressing myself without having fear of judged ,bullied,made fun of …slowly i became a person i was not…

But that was not it…after some time i again met some set of people who tried to bully me …it surely felt bad but i was not shattered this time coz i had people who appreciated me,who.loved me for the way i am..

Still i dint know how to stop being a victim..but then a tough time came with me was a family issue…i got a well deserved long break from job so during this free time i got a chance to look into myself..

I started staying at home ,i observed ..not only my classmates bullied me but also some so called relatives…

I realised people bully you coz you let that behave like a victim..then i started working on myself slowly…

It took months to change into a confident and strong person..but i did with lots of changes…

Today also i m not that strong but yes i wont let anyone bully me…i have that confidence now…

What i did,how did i overcome.i will write in my next article….

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