Social media show off

People are too busy to show on social media that they have happy lives but in real if you ask them or yourselves


Nobody thinks about it or may be inside they are fighting a battle but outside they are showing as they are living life completely…

Everyone is thinking the same about other that they are having good life ,fun ..i am the only person who is not living the life fully…so this comparison is the root cause for everyone.

In real nobody is that much happy that you are showing on social media…

If you are too happy then you won’t want to post it on social media rather you will enjoy the moment truly..

If you are really happy you don’t need to show off your is pretty visible on youe face…

Another incident happened today as kushal punjabi committed suicide as if you see his social media accounts he is living life like there is no tomorrow but was it reality..of course not…

There are many incidents happening on daily basis but still people want to live in this fake world…

People who have some problems ,just go to your dear and near ones share it with them without fear of being judged..

Stop pretending to be happy if you are not..

Just live the life fully…nothing is bigger than life…

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